Tim Beckham

I am an interdisciplinary artist, musician and technologist working in Aberystwyth, Wales. I studied at Aberystwyth School of Art and graduated with a BA (hons) in 2022. My current work embraces technology, both as inspiration and as a means of production. 


musicalandscape is based on explorations of a found object.

null island seascape/landscape

null island falls is a project which concentrates the imagination on a set of co-ordinates – 0°N 0°E

This project featured in the “Not Supposed To Know” exhibition at Thirtyfive Gamble in Nottingham : June 2nd – 4th 2023.

the sound behind the silence (Graduate Show)

We are surrounded by electro-magnetic radiation. Our planet has an electro-magnetic field (EMF), as do our bodies. Man-made electronic equipment such as microwave ovens, mobile phones and computers, DVD players, TV screens, Belisha beacons and bank ATMs contribute to the all day, every day bombardment of EMF.

the sound behind the silence combines EMF recordings from walks around Aberystwyth and shadows made from EMF sensor circuits. The installation seeks to address our exposure to the proliferation of EMF radiation and our reliance on the multitude of electronic devices and appliances that fill our lives.


I will delivering a series of Mesolithic Orchestra workshops at Ceredigion Museum in Aberystwyth during June 2023. This work is part of the Portalis Project, looking at early connections between the Mesolithic peoples of Wales and Ireland. The workshops look at the materials, technologies and activities of sound making used by our ancestors. Participants can explore instrument making, composition and performance.